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"Excellent... Outstanding... An impressive accomplishment..."
Washington Post


"Brilliant... Beautiful... Energetic..."
Detroit Monitor


"A grand departure from the usual."
News Herald


"A truly moving experience."
Yellow Springs News


"One seldom is privileged to enjoy music of such a wide range of styles performed with self-effacing skill and relaxed assurance by musicians of any age, and almost never by artists in the early days of their careers."
Sarasota Herald Tribune


"The three musicians have a natural give and take, ensuring that listeners never miss a single note. Their sophisticated, insightful interpretations belie their young years; they bring a level of attention to detail, variety of tone colors, and clear understanding of the score that surpasses ensembles with many more years of experience."


"Each member exhibited exquisite skill in interpretation and musicianship that showed in each composition."
Fayetteville Observer


"Recording and reproducing music of this type has truly allowed more access to the masters, but the live performance by musicians of this excellent caliber can simply not be rivaled. There is no prerequisite to enjoyment."
Town Times  


"They are well matched to each other as an ensemble, bringing their individual talents together in an excellent blend of music."
In the Spotlight  


"With the makings of a bright future evident, this is a trio worth watching."
Virginia Gazette


"The ensemble's strong point is their immediate connection to the audience, as their interpretations enrapture all who attend."
Star Beacon

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